About Us

About Us

Online Conveyancing was founded by, and continues to be owned and managed by Anne Jarvis. Anne is a fully licensed conveyancer and member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers with over 20+ years of experience in conveyancing. 

Anne founded Online Conveyancing in 1998 and the business has grown ever since with the strength of word of mouth referrals from existing clients and from local real estate industry businesses and figures.

Our business Core Values are central to our success, and they include: Do The Right Thing; Team Spirit; Respect for People; Integrity; Diligence; Accountability and Win/Win Relationships. 

Our Philosophy and Vision

At Online Conveyancing, our vision is to give our clients the best possible experience when buying or selling a property. We achieve this through a commitment to best practice, innovation, and delivering customer value each and every time. Our years of industry experience help us to implement continuous bench marking of our service, and we consistently achieve superior and continual performance improvements in every area of our conveyancing practice.

Why Use Us?

Unlike a legal firm, all we do is specialise in property transactions - it's something we do everyday. It's all we do. We concentrate on your property transaction so it is handled in the most professional, and cost effective, way.

We pride ourselves on being a professional service and providing a one on one service with all of our clients - so you are not handed around to different people. Much of our business, just over 50%, comes from referral and repeat business. So we build relationships with clients and we know what you are looking to achieve with your property transaction and "be on your side" to help you achieve your goals.

We have the industry contacts and service to give you a stress free experience in buying, selling, subdividing or transferring property.

What our clients say:

“We wish to thank you for your excellent work you have done on our behalf for the acquisition of our new property. We are grateful that on many many occasions you have gone out of your way to provide us with additional service. We are impressed with our diligence and persistence in dealing with all the issues involved in our matter. We would be more than happy to recommend you and your Company.”

“We wanted to thank you for your excellent service and completing our sale and purchase transactions on time, with efficiency and we found it a very stress free experience. We will definitely be recommending your office to our friends and family.”

“Thank you for going beyond the call of duty and for your amazing support during our challenging transaction. We really appreciate everything you have done for us.”
Richard & Anna

"I just wanted to send a note of congratulations for winning the Conveyancing Firm of the Year award at the AICVIC Conference on Staurday evening. It was an honour to meet you and present the award. After many years at AIC in Western Australia, I know how important leaders in the Conveyancing Profession are, you and your business are raising the bar for others to aspire to, and creating a professional image for the entire Conveyancing Profession. Congratulations to you and all your staff." 
Ciaran Westland 
GM Australia
Stewart Title Limited

online conveyancing

Recent Posts

So just what is Stamp Duty?

So what is Stamp Duty and why do we have to pay and where does the money go?

It adds to the cost of buying a property and can be a nasty surprise to some people when they are adding up the sums to do their budget.

Stamp Duty is a tax on certain acquisitions including gifts, home loans, insurance and of course real estate.

It has to be paid to your local State or Territory Government within 30 days of the date of purchase settlement. The State and Territory Govts then re-invest the duty in services for all in the community – police, health, education, roads, transport and emergency services to name a few.

As Stamp Duty is decided and managed by the various State and Territory Governments the rate of stamp duty can vary from state to territory and possible exemptions and discounts can vary as well. First home buyers for instance may receive a discounted rate in some states to help get people into the housing market.

For those of you here in Victoria just click on this link to get more detail on Stamp Duty including access to a calculator and a list of exemptions and concessions.

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