Buying Property

Buying Property

Buying property of any kind - house, land or commercial site - can be a risky affair if you are not sure of what you are doing.You need someone on your side looking out for your best interests.

By engaging our firm when buying property, we will guide you through the mine field in buying property. We can advise you what you can and cannot do when dealing with your transaction, and make you aware of your cooling off rights before you enter into a contract to purchase property.

We can make you aware of all the costs involved before you commit yourself to anything so that you have worked out a budget and know exactly what you can afford before you start negotiating a price with your agent. We can clarify any matters that you are not completely aware of and we can help you with any and all matters relating to the purchase of property. 

Most importantly we have the expertise to read through the Contract of Sale and make sure that you are not exposed to hidden costs, issues or an unfair sale. 

So if you are buying property, contact us today to make sure someone is on your side.

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So just what is Stamp Duty?

So what is Stamp Duty and why do we have to pay and where does the money go?

It adds to the cost of buying a property and can be a nasty surprise to some people when they are adding up the sums to do their budget.

Stamp Duty is a tax on certain acquisitions including gifts, home loans, insurance and of course real estate.

It has to be paid to your local State or Territory Government within 30 days of the date of purchase settlement. The State and Territory Govts then re-invest the duty in services for all in the community – police, health, education, roads, transport and emergency services to name a few.

As Stamp Duty is decided and managed by the various State and Territory Governments the rate of stamp duty can vary from state to territory and possible exemptions and discounts can vary as well. First home buyers for instance may receive a discounted rate in some states to help get people into the housing market.

For those of you here in Victoria just click on this link to get more detail on Stamp Duty including access to a calculator and a list of exemptions and concessions.

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