When do I receive my deposit?

house deposit moneySo you have accepted their offer, congratulations! What next?

A deposit is usually paid within 7-14 days of the signing of the Contract of Sale. You may be entitled to receive the deposit monies earlier than the date of settlement. This will depend on various factors. The purchaser needs to authorise the release of deposit monies. A co-operative relationship the between the seller and the purchaser can have a positive impact on the deposit being released earlier rather than later.

We can prepare the relevant documentation to assist in the early release of the deposit.

Am I able to move into my new property earlier than the settlement date?

settlement dateOne of the options is that the settlement date can be moved forward by way of agreement between the parties.

Another option, is that you may request the vendor give permission to obtain possession of the property for a fee prior to the settlement date.

The terms under this agreement differ from a residential tenancy agreement and we can guide you through either process.